Customer Reviews

BROWN BEAR HOME CARE has taken excellent care of our Truckee-Donner cabin for a great many years, including regular housecleaning, snow removal, sealing/painting the outside, resealing the driveway, rebuilding and modernizing our decks, and, prior to our recent remodel, continually sealing the holes around the logs caused by settling. The weekly cabin inspections are so appreciated because it keeps us aware of any areas that need attention. And even though those incidences have been rare, BROWN BEAR HOME CARE has been able to fix any problems immediately. Over the years we’ve been given notices of dead trees that must be removed or brush that must be cleared. BROWN BEAR HOME CARE takes care of all such needs in a timely fashion and it has always been done with respect and care for our property. 

About 5 years ago we asked Frank Brown to be the contractor for our full cabin remodel/addition. His design ideas, expertise, can-do attitude and workmanship made the project go smoothly and allowed me to keep my sanity since I was concurrently involved in two other remodels. Frank was positive, knowledgeable, reassuring and kept on schedule and budget. We are totally pleased with the outcome and enjoy our cabin. Since that remodel we have contracted Frank to do several smaller projects, inside and out, and as always, we have been happy with the results.

Just recently we have expanded BROWN BEAR HOME CARE services to include replenishing of products used by guests, such as toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, etc. We were quite pleased to find it fully stocked when we arrived for Thanksgiving.

The communication with Frank and his office staff is always professional and welcoming. One of the most wonderful blessings of being a customer of BROWN BEAR HOME CARE is the quick response to urgent needs/requests. They have been exemplary over the years. We highly recommend BROWN BEAR HOME CARE for all features of cabin/home maintenance and contractor needs.”

- Carolyn and Brian Halla

“We are providing the information in this letter to be used as a reference based on projects which BROWN BEAR HOME CARE has accomplished for us during the past ten years.

Until ten years ago when we became aware of the skilled workers which BROWN BEAR HOME CARE provides, we had been contacting a variety of plumbers, electricians, painters, repairmen, builders for minor projects such as shelves, cabinets and doors, etc.  With each phone call to those local skilled workers, we often received no return phone calls, and after several attempts to contact these local people, we would try to contact someone else. Once we started using the professionals in BROWN BEAR HOME CARE, we gained very high confidence in:

Their responsiveness to our requests

Their timelines of beginning and completing projects

Their very fair pricing of projects

The availability of CEO Frank Brown himself when we desired to ask about specifics of a project

The connection which BROWN BEAR HOME CARE has been with a local and equally skilled and responsive engineer, when engineering skills are required

Since we had used BROWN BEAR HOME CARE for many small projects, we automatically called Frank Brown when we had major damage to our front deck and garage roof when we had the heavy snow and rain in the winter of 2017-2018. BROWN BEAR HOME CARE replaced our garage trusses and roof, replaced our front deck and brought everything up to code.  BROWN BEAR HOME CARE did an excellent job on our major repair, the workers were skilled and very polite and left the work site clean at the end of each day. 

Without reservation, we strongly recommend BROWN BEAR HOME CARE for major and minor home projects.”

- Jack & Susan Hudock

“To Whom It May Concern

BROWN BEAR HOME CARE has asked me to provide a reference for their work a while ago and I hope this reference is submitted in time.  I have many, many positive things to say about Frank Brown, BROWN BEAR HOME CARE and the crews.  I am available by phone to discuss in more detail at 415-999-4932.  Frank's been hired to construct a new back deck, front deck, interior remodel and correct other HOA/permit requirements.  Here are some bullet points:

1. In Truckee all of the advice we got was "TRUST YOUR CONTRACTOR".  We placed our trust in Frank Brown over a year ago and continue to be extremely comfortable with the relationship.  We trust Frank.

2. Be patient:  We were warned that things take time in Truckee and there are labor shortages, supply chain delays, weather delays, etc.  So while all aspects of our multiple projects are not complete, we feel lucky to have made the progress we have.  What is really important here is that when the chips were down, Frank and his team came through.  Best example is that on about October 1st we realized that we were not going to be happy with the engineer's plan to relocate our power lines above our new front deck.  Frank said it was possible to put the utilities underground but no trenching is allowed after October 15th.  Frank was able to start from point of idea through PUC, permits, trenching, piping, filling, pulling wires etc and completed this "urgent" project in time.  

3. When we purchased our house in September of 2017 we had some specific construction capability requirements that would need to be done if we were to purchase the house.  We could not get any answers.  We were introduced to Frank by our agent.  Time was short and Frank came by the house and gave us the confidence we needed that we could accomplish our goals.  He spent a lot of time with us as a courtesy. We feel that Frank genuinely cares about the people he does work for.

4.  On the day of closing I discovered a leak in a water line in the furnace room.  The leak was not detected by the agents during their house inspection because neither of them went into this room.  I called from the furnace room and Frank got a worker there within 30 minutes and fixed the problem.  

5.  I knew there was some dry rot on our back deck.  I removed a few boards and realized the problem was much worse than a few rotten boards.  I called Frank and invited him to crawl under the deck with me.  He did.  Frank realized the back deck replacement would be critical in order for us to even consider occupying the house as we were planning a new deck in the front of the house.  He got a demolition permit within 2 days and worked on the project while engineering work and construction permits were in process.  Frank was proactive in identifying unforeseen problems such as a small termite infestation (undetected in pest reports) dry rot where the deck connected to the house, drainage issues etc.  As a result I feel like the work was comprehensive and there will not be future problems to contend with. 

6.  Our indoor work includes taking a large bonus room and small laundry and converting it to multi-use space for dogs, home office, mud room, laundry and utility closets.  A lot of detailed changes to small areas.  This requires timely communication with the contractor who must instill confidence that unanticipated challenges can be addressed.  We have never had a problem contacting Frank, getting him to come to the job site, or otherwise getting action in a timely manner.  Frank is always calm, level headed, and thoughtful.

In summary, I will continue to work with Frank in the future for both construction and some maintenance items.  We would be happy to have any potential client come over and see Frank's work (Front Deck, Back Deck, Exterior Finish, or Interior Remodel.”

“To whom it may concern:

We have used BROWN BEAR HOME CARE for both maintenance and major remodeling over the years. The major remodeling included rebuilding our decks collapsed by snowfall and interior remodeling due to a broken water pipe.

I would not hesitate to hire this company again if the need arises and you are welcome to actually view their work if Frank wants to accompany you.”

- Taron Reeves

“To Whom it May Concern: I have used BROWN BEAR HOME CARE on my properties in Tahoe Donner since the mid 1990’s and have been very satisfied with their professionalism and work ethic. I have used their services for small tasks including opening and closing my residence to much larger projects including window replacement, interior and exterior painting, deck construction, carpet cleaning and hot tub maintenance. They are just a phone call away any time of day or night and I have no hesitance in recommending their firm for any prospective clients. If you have any specific inquiries I am happy to talk with you directly.”

- Jim Ruane, 415-716-8145

“I don’t have photos at the ready but I will say that BROWN BEAR HOME CARE was an excellent partner in remodeling our cabin and continues to be a great partner in maintaining our 55 year legacy as property owners in Donner Lake. If your client would like to ask any questions, please do ask them to call me, 650-401-3815

Frank and his team provided knowledgeable advice and prompt responses to all of our questions and concerns.”

- Sara Furrer